Medical Device giving the utmost satisfaction
to both patients and medical staff


2019Potential of Innovation fueled by Passion

  • 04.Bio Startup Idea Competition, Highest Award winner

    07.Industry convergence Hackathon Contest, Excellence Award Winner
    Startup Competition for National Defense Technology, Third Award Winner

    08.Patent Registration (Medical Skin Closure Device) No.10-2033872

    09.PCT application
    Completed application for U.S.A and China
    Winner at

    10.Grand Prize in New Game Entrepreneurship Contes

2020Surginus, a New Start

  • 04.Established Surginus co., Ltd.

    06.Venture business certification

    08.Medical Device Manufacturing Business Approved by the Ministry of Food and Drug Safety - No.6993
    Foldable Skin Closure Item Approval by Ministry of Food and Drug Safety - No.20-1295

    10.Foldable Skin Closure listed as benefit item for medical treatment material by Health Insurance Review & Assessment Service

    11.Recognized as KOITA Corporate Affiliated Research Institute

    12.Selected as company of 「IBK Changgong」for the first half of 2021
    Selected as the 8th company of 「Start-up NEST by Korea Credit Guarantee Fund

2021Surginus, recognized for its outstanding technology

  • 04.Patent registration (Surgical Wound Closure Band-aid) - No.10-2249093
    Foldable Skin Closure DTFD(Drainage Tube Fixation Device) Item Approval by Ministry of Food and Drug Safety - No.21-505

    06.Selected as Untact Startup Fostering Business

    11.Completed listing at US FDA
    Participated in Medica Exhibition, Dusseldorf, Germany

    12.Completed preclinical trials (Korea University Medical Center Ansan)

2022Global Surginus, expanding its stage to the world

  • 01.Participated in Medical Device Exhibition, Dubai, United Arab Emirates (UAE)

    02.Acquired ISO 13485
    Participated in Dermatology conferences
    Exclusive contracts with the Maldives and Malaysia

    03.Took part in Bridge Convergence Business
    Participated in Medical Device Exhibition of Korea KIMES
    Participated in AAOS Chicago, U.S.A
    Exclusive contracts with Egypt, Saudi Arabia and Iran
    First export to the Maldives and Malaysia
    Selected as BIG 3 Bio field by Ministry of SMEs and Startups

    04.Chosen as Tech-bridge business by Ministry of SMEs and Startups
    (Developed a new concept product, Skin closure combined with OLED patch, to relieve pain and recovery time)
    Proceeded with clinical trial for FOLDABLE SKIN CLOSURE
    Korea University Medical Center Ansan

Writing a new history of wound treatmentRising Surginus

Innovative wound closure technology of Surginus brings satisfaction for doctors, patients, present and future.